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Hi, I'm Megan and I am the owner and founder of Hobby Mom. I am mom to the most incredible daughter, a yarn enthusiast and avid crocheter, and creative guru.

I started Hobby Mom in 2019 with an idea to share hobby ideas with mommies around South Africa and during lockdown I began sourcing and stocking South African yarn products and selling them from my home. South Africa has the most incredible selection of locally made yarns, wools and cottons and I believe in supporting these local businesses and communities.

Hobby mom has evolved considerably over the last four years and has grown from blog to tiny shop and now is the proud home of luxury South African yarns and hobby kits. Hobby Mom is now the proud stockist of Moya Yarn, Yarn Stash, Karoo Moon, Adele's Mohair and African Expressions.

I am beyond grateful to everyone that has been along for this journey so far, namely my family and friends whose love and unfaltering support has encouraged me to build my dream. I am so thankful too to my loyal customers, without you Hobby Mom would not exist, thank you!

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My Top 3 Tips When Working with Mohair

My Top 3 Tips When Working with Mohair

Mohair, with its luxurious texture and beautiful sheen, has become a beloved choice for many knitting enthusiasts. However, working with mohair can present some unique challenges. In this blog post, I will share my top three tips for mastering the art of knitting with mohair. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced knitter, these tips will help you enhance your projects and create stunning pieces...

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