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How to Crochet an Easy Triangle Shawl

How to Crochet an Easy Triangle Shawl

My biggest motivation when beginning a crochet project is learning something new. When deciding on a new project to tackle, I try to choose something that will allow me to increase my skills as a crocheter. The triangle shawl begun as an attempt to learn how to crochet a triangle.

As with all my first attempts at trying something new in crochet, it did take me a lot of practise rounds (and a lot of frustration) before I managed to get the pattern right. But it was worth it because now I am practised at making triangles and, better yet, I crocheted a triangle shawl, which I am incredibly proud of.

Learning how to crochet a triangle was not the only thing that I learned during the making of this shawl. I also had the opportunity to practise using a teeny tiny 2mm crochet hook, which took some getting used to. I usually use a 4mm hook and was very comfortable with that size hook before I began this project. Now, I am quite versatile with my hooks.

If you would like to try and make your own shawl, here is how to do it.

*Note: You can add or eliminate rows to make your shawl has big or small as you would like.

This is what I used to make my shawl

  1. 2mm crochet hook
  2. Crochet 5 print 50g cotton (colour – 360 Mantis)
  3. Yarn needle

First, you are going to chain 5 (ch 5) and then join the ends together using a slip stitch (sl st) in order to make a circle.

Row 1: Ch 3 (this counts as the first dc stitch), 2 dc into the circle, ch 2, 3 dc into the circle.

Row 2: Ch3, turn, 2dc into the first st. 3dc, ch2, 3dc in the middle of ch2 space. In the last stitch of the row (the ch3 from the previous row), make 3dc.

Row 3: Ch3, turn. 2dc into the first st, 3dc in next space (this is the space created between groups of 3dc), then (3dc, ch2, 3dc) in top ch space, 3 dc in next space, 3dc in top of last stitch of the row.

Row 4 – 58: Repeat Row 3.

Yes, it is really as simple as that! But remember, you can add as many rows as you want if you would like a bigger shawl, or crochet less rows if you would prefer a smaller shawl.

The best part about this pattern is that you can substitute every element to create your own perfectly unique shawl. Why not try using a different sized hook or yarn? I also chose to add some tassels to my shawl which really finished it off nicely. Have fun with this one!

Happy crocheting!